The Urban Soldier DVD

Get an inside look into one of the most intense combat training programs in the world. See film and techniques never before revealed to the general public as twenty-three soldiers participate in a Combat Stress Program at the elite Urban Warfare Center®. This full length film is packed with intense force-on-force training scenarios including debriefs and insights from veterans of military and police special operations. Become a participant in one of the most high-paced and intense experiences these soldiers have ever had.

The Urban Airman DVD

This captivating companion film to "The Urban Soldier" demonstrates that to the extreme! Get a glimpse inside a training day for the United States Security Forces as they prepare for their evolving role as what has been termed the "Infantry" of the Air Force. Filmed on location at the elite Urban Warfare Center® in high definition and infrared, viewers will get in-depth training insights and never before seen force-on-force scenarios.

Lethal Encounters DVD

When least expected an apparently harmless situation can erupt into a lethal encounter. With only fractions of a second to act, would you emerge a survivor or a victim? Watch students of a concealed firearms course put through extreme, but real, scenarios. Learn from their successes and failures as they discover that survival depends upon more than their ability to deploy a handgun, but also their constant state of mental awareness, and their survival mindset. See the complexity of drawing a weapon in a dynamic environment, where risks can be ambiguous and the decision to shoot is far less simple than firing at a turning target on a range. This film is a rare learning experience and highly recommended for concealed firearms permit holders and others alike!

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