Traveling High Risk Areas

Are you an executive that travels abroad to High Risk Areas? If so this course was developed for YOU! Learn from Certified Body Guards for High Risk Areas, Military and Police Special Operations Veterans how to avoid trouble and if you get caught up into the middle of it to survive.

This course is designed to address to current methods and tools than can be used to avoid conflict in high risk areas. Many executives travel daily to areas of the world that are flagged as high threat/risk.   This course is held at the Urban Warfare Center® and is some lecture and lots of hands on.

This course is open to all civilians (pending background), Military and Police.

Through our one day program you will learn:
  • Models to avoid conflict
  • Threat analysis and risk assessment
  • The study of human behavior and what to do if you are captured
  • Methods to escape from captivity
  • Techniques on how to get out of many restraints
  • Methods to disable an attacker quickly and quietly
  • Self Defense Combatives and Improvised Weapons
  • Travel tips, tools and models for a safe trip and return
This course has many other elements that cannot be posted here and that will require you so pass a simple background check included in the tuition.  If you are already vetted by the state department and hold a government or local/State Identification you need no other clearance.

NOTE: During this course you will NOT be taken or harmed in any way.