Defensive Tactics (Self-Defense)


Defensive Tactics is an intensive, hands-on course that provides students with a solid grounding in basic self-defense, from mental mindset and preparation to defensive techniques. This course is taught by Military Combative instructors and Special Operations Veterans and is open to military, police and civilians.

Course includes the following PRINCIPLES and TECHNIQUES:
  • Choosing prevention
  • Breaking contact
  • Anatomy of An Attack
  • Brain theory
  • Fine motors skills versus Gross motor movements
  • Color Code of Mental Awareness
  • Combat Mindset
  • How to Win a Fight
  • Walk, Talk, Block and Fight Defense System
  • Commando Close Combative System
  • Center of balance
  • Joint manipulation
  • Inside outside principles
  • Changing levels
  • Hard vs soft striking 
  • Key Attacks defense
  • Escape a grab
  • Escape a choke
  • Escaping from the ground
  • Escape from a corner
  • Jamming the attack
  • Redirecting energy
  • Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA)
  • Body position
  • Blocking
  • Striking
  • Defending edged weapons and sticks
  • Weapon options i.e. Pepper spray, guns, knives etc...