Defensive Handgun

This course is designed to provide law enforcement, military and civilians with the knowledge and skills to effectively handle a lethal confrontation in a close-quarters environment.  This is NOT a live fire course or range training - this is a scenarios based class with role players that challenge your five physical senses and help you develop your ability to survive a lethal confrontation.  By the end of this training your ability to manage a stressful confrontation will be at new levels, and the awareness of your environment will be forever enhanced.

Course material will include such topics as:
  • Real life scenarios
  • Professional role players
  • Realistic environment
  • You will learn by experience
  • Handgun concealment options
  • Handgun presentation techniques
  • Controlling space and breaking contact
  • Drawing a handgun from concealment
  • Shooting positions and posture
  • Threat analysis and model
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Much more...