Student Feedback

The Urban Warfare Center® physially existed from 2002 until 2012. Now the powerful methods, tools and training is available on DVD.

Student testimonial...

The Defensive Handgun Course was top notch. Some of it was a reinforcement of what I already new, but its always good to go over the basics again. The best part of the class was doing the different scenarios that you might find yourself in real life and how you would react. To include getting the feedback from Jager/David and Bravo/John.

The longer I look back at the feedback and go over the drills the more I take away from it. In Utah you don't even have to own a gun to get your concealed weapons permit, so starting off with this under your belt would be a great asset. You can always talk the talk, but its not until you really find yourself in that situation do you know what your going to do under stress. For Ops Gear,, that is their entire mission at the Urban Warfare Center,

I am really looking forward to doing another class taught by Jager and Bravo. Another part of their philosophy that I liked was that was always about breaking contact as much as possible. I have looked at other instructors and schools and I can't tell you how little I heard that statement. Using your firearm is always your last resort, even at that point, its stop the threat and break contact. Again it was great class. 

Oh and if Jager tells you to stop you really ought to do just that. He asked me to come at him to demonstrate using your voice to help deter people coming at you. I however didn't stop, so he pulled his training knife, rubber, and stabbed me in the belly. Had it not been a training environment I'm pretty sure I would have stopped. Didn't mean to hit me that hard, however he got well enough to leave a good bruise that is still healing. Doesn't help that I have Buddha belly! LOL. Thanks Jager for pain reinforcement. Next time I WILL stop!

Thanks guys!

Keith Twohill