Defensive Rifle

This course is designed to provide law enforcement, military and civilians with the knowledge and skills to effectively deploy a carbine (e.g. AR-15, Mini-14, AK-47, etc.) during a defensive situation in a close-quarters environment. Participants are encouraged to bring their own unloaded firearm with two empty magazines in order to learn the nuances of their own weapon. This course, designed with a “see then do” approach, covers such topics as: shooting positions, navigating high-risk areas, room clearing and controlling space, firearm retention, and much more. You will use Airsoft and/or .68 caliber rubber balls for the shooting portions of the training.  You will also be subjected to scenarios that will test your judgement and skills.  When you complete this course you will know more about yourself and your rifle.  This course is a must have if you use a rifle in your work or for home defense.

Course material will include such topics as:
  • Real life scenarios
  • Professional role players
  • Realistic environment
  • You will learn by experience
  • Rifle manipulation
  • Rifle presentation techniques
  • Controlling space 
  • Shooting drills
  • Discretionary shooting
  • Shooting positions and posture
  • Threat analysis and model
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Much more...