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The Urban Warfare Center

"No good plan survives first contact with the enemy" The Urban Warfare Center® (UWC) is physically closed as a location, but its METHODS, TRAINING TOOLS and HISTORY live on. The UWC existed from 2002 until 2012. During this time we trained thousands of police, military and civilians in close quarters urban fighting.

The Urban Warfare Center® training services were offered to military and police FREE for over a decade because we care and wanted to contribute to those who protect and serve us domestically and abroad.
The Urban Warfare Center® was a premier force-on-force training facility. It had a modular in design, attacked the five physical senses and provided the most realistic human versus human training in the world. The Special Operations veteran instructors prepared thousands of police, military and federal agents for the reality of combat.
Its dynamic environment and proven tools enabled both civilian and operator alike the opportunity to be tested at the highest leve…
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The Color Code of Mental Awareness


White is the lowest level on the escalator. In Condition White one is unaware, not alert, oblivious. This state can be characterized as "daydreaming" or "preoccupied". People in White tend to walk around with their heads down, as if watching their own feet. They do not notice the impending danger until it literally has them by the throat.

You see examples of this frequently. When was the last time you saw someone in traffic roll right up to a barricade or stalled vehicle, then expect you to stop and let them into your lane? They're operating their vehicle in Condition White. When a motorist runs over a motorcyclist and kills him, what are the first words out of their mouth? "I didn't see him." They're not lying. They were so inattentive and complacent that they did not notice a 200-pound man on a four hundred pound machine right in front of them. When this same guy runs past a stop sign and broadsides your car, killing your chi…

Motor Vehicle Police at the UWC

Combat Stress Program U.S. Army

Explosive Breaching

Our staff Instructors were invited to a breaching day at a condemned school with SWAT for two days. We blew it up, smashed it, FLASH banged it, broke it, and shot each other... good times :)

Combat Stress Program (CSP)

In the spirit of the quote, “he is best who is trained in the severest school,” the Combat Stress Program teaches participants the principles that will ensure their ability to survive and thrive in the fiercest combat engagements.

This day long course exposes participants to an environment as near as possible to the real thing.  By using principle based tactics, facilitated debriefs and force-on-force scenarios, the participants are not only challenged, but learn to adapt to a constantly changing environment.  One of the greatest benefits of this type of training is shorter training cycles and increased retention. 

Using state of the art marking gun technologies that reward success and punish failure, this method of teaching inspires the students to learn the critical lessons needed to dominate the battlefield.

This cutting edge course has received acclaim from both deploying and returning troops who have described their experience as being as close as it gets to actual combat.

In t…


Training at the Urban Warfare Center® is unlike any other place. NO LIVE FIRE all the training is designed to create the most realistic environment possible. Using rubber guns, 6mm Airsoft, .68 caliber paint/rubber rounds, and simunitions makes the training completely experiential.

Instead of shooting two dimensional targets you get a three dimensional environment that reacts to your decision processes and real-time reactions.

Attacking the Five Physical Senses

Touch: Out of all the technologies around for shooting people in less than lethal ways, off the shelve paintball guns with modifications made by OPSGEAR® became our premier solution. .68 caliber rounds are large and filled with thick water based paint. When you get hit you know it, and when you shoot another person the big SPLAT, and often the flinch of the person being shot gives you positive feedback that you engaged and hit the target successfully. It is also a clear friendly fire indicator as we use unique colors for good…